Is Homework really necessary

Is Homework really Necessary?

Is homework important? This is a topic evokes a lot of emotions and conflicting opinions. There is really no correct answer when it comes to this question. Everyone on both sides of the divide has enough evidence to back their position. It is a question that is debated in both the national and International front. So emotive is the topic that all sectors in the society want their opinion heard and put into consideration by schools and learning institutions. This is an issue that has grabbed the attention of the Education sector, Religious sector, and even the Medical sector. So what really is the fuss about homework?

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The arguments for Homework

The main proponents in this debate argue that Homework enables a child to develop a reading culture from a young age. Examples usually quoted by these proponents include Ben Carson, the world renowned Neurosurgeon. In his book Think Big, he credits homework for the turnaround in his Academic fortunes.

It has also been argued that Homework from a young age enables a child recognise that learning doesn’t necessarily have to occur in school. This has been argued to have a positive psychological effect and boost a child’s ability to apply skills learnt in school to real life situations.

Teachers deal with many students in a class and therefore may not easily recognise a child with a difficulty in a certain subject early enough, however with homework, a parent may notice a difficulty and alert the teacher in good time. Homework sessions also offer an opportunity for parents to bond with their children at home.

Finally, a UK study showed that homework improves memory, fosters independence and helps a child develop the so called positive study skills. This includes skills on how to prioritise and how to handle pressure. These skills are useful in school and beyond.

The opponents

Let Children be children is their main argument. Too much emphasis is placed on academic success nowadays that children are no longer able to have a childhood. All their free time is spend doing homework.  This has been highlighted as one of the main reasons why millennials have poor social skills. As children, they never had time to play with their age mates as they were busy with homework.

Medical professionals have linked homework to mental health issues. Academic stress is one of the main causes of depression in young people and homework plays a big role in this stress .The mental health epidemic is projected to grow exponentially within the next few decades and so calls to scrape of homework as a preventive measure have gotten louder and louder.

Homework is also fronted as one of the reasons why people don’t develop their talents. Too much emphasis is placed on academic success that children often forego what they are really good at. Homework really denies the children an opportunity to grow and develop their talents. Good musicians artist and athletes have failed to pursue their talents because  a lot of time in their formative years was spend chasing academic success both in school and at home.

What about College and University homework?

The importance of homework in college education is neither here nor there. College is such a confusing time especially during the first year. Most professors don’t actually teach and to cover up for their ineptitude, they give tonnes of homework. This done with the thought that a student will actually have to read and understand the topic in order to be able to handle the task at hand.  The net effect however is that the student will end up using a essay writing service such as Homeworkholics. Whether College homework is necessary or not is still a subject of debate and boils down to your learning institution and the work ethic of your professors.

In conclusion, there is really no right or wrong answer to this question about homework. Some countries such as Finland have education policies that discourage homework and this has worked in their favour. Others such as China have policies that encourage homework and this too has also worked in their favour. However what we can all agree on is that Homework works differently for different individuals. While some may benefit from homework, others may be on the losing end. In recent times there have been calls to individualise homework. This will ensure that teachers play to the child’s strength, academic or otherwise. As to whether that will work out, only time will tell. So what is your opinion about homework?

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