Edubirdie review

       is an online auction house for essays and academic papers. It operates just like other custom writing platforms but endorses a philosophy where the client and the professional custom writer win. The existing literature terms Edubirdie as an academic aid platform operating online and extending academic services to students and clients across the globe. The diversity of services offered by Edubirdie include ghostwriting, thesis writing, essay creation, and plagiarism checker. Edubirdie has grown extensively over the years with a focus on customer service and top-quality copies. As trusted sellers of credible products, Edubirdie holds itself to high standards. The hiring process is rigorous requiring that candidates need to complete a series of tests to work for the firm. Similar to most global platforms and online auctions, Edubirdie writers must provide relevant documentation including academic certificates, sample essays, and English tests. After passing the test, the candidate must provide documentation for verification.

Edubirdie Services

Edubirdie offers a collection of services to help students across different fields of academia. The site offers services in research papers, thesis, case studies, coursework, and essay writing. Edubirdie extends a plethora of services in fields like term papers, homework, capstone project, presentations, annotated bibliography, and Mathematics help in calculus and statistics. Edubirdie services are dissected into two broader sections; writing from scratch, and editing. The first section of writing from scratch occurs when Edubirdie writers commit themselves to provide original, well-crafted, and well-reasoned ideas and arguments on behalf of students. The site encompasses a pool of skilled writers with the ability to handle multidisciplinary subjects in levels like college, undergraduate, and post-graduate. The other category of serves is editing. Edubirdie offers editing and proof-reading services that are backed by powerful and robust proof-reading software. Edubirdie has an extensive database of editors who can hone any paper by eliminating syntax and grammar mistakes. The secret of Edubirdie is to create a competent network of human resources and technical resources like grammar checkers to provide top-quality products to clients.

Edubirdie Service Features

            Edubirdie differentiates itself by embedding attractive service features that create new and retain existing customers. The Edubirdie essay writing service features create satisfied clients and ensure that the website competes favorably with other leading service providers. The first service feature is the guarantee of customer satisfaction. Other than delivering a top-quality copy of the assignment, Edubirdie strives for customer satisfaction. Edubirdie makes it possible for clients to pay only after they are satisfied with the results. The second service feature is quick results. The website has approximately 450 competent writers working around the clock to meet the client's needs. The Edubirdie system is self-operating which means that it constantly accepts new requests for orders and automatically makes the jobs available to the existing pool of writers. Thirdly, Edubirdie has invested in 24/7 customer support which means that the staff is available anytime to address upcoming issues and concerns from customers. The 24/7 customer support provides for instant help, and allow Edubirdie to automatically handle and address new requests. Finally, all papers from Edubirdie are double-checked using the web platform and their database. The double-checking process has enabled the auction online house to offer original papers to students. Edubirdie service features have positioned the platform as a premium essay provider.

How Edubirdie Works

Edubirdie operates on a multi-stage process consisting of four main stages. The first stage requires that the client fill an order form that contains the email address, the topic, subject, page number, and the deadline. Edubirdie order form requires that clients feed in the type of paper, the topic, subject, deadline, citation, and several references. After the completion of this first step, the customer proceeds to bid. At the bidding section, the Edubirdie system allows the customer to view writers that match their preference in terms of topic, subject, and type of assignment. The client explores the writers’ profiles, chats with them, and determine a specific writer that matches their requirements and expectations in terms of rapport, qualification, and traits like personality. The third step of the process enables customers to track their essays with ease; customers can check the order progress, give suggestions, check status, and progress history. Finally, the writer submits the final product to the client after which it is kept in waiting for status for confirmation and verification by clients. It is crucial to acknowledge that the Edubirdie approach towards academic help has enabled thousands of customers to benefit from an easy and streamlined process.

Funds and Money-back Guarantee

The Edubirdie platform guarantees safe storage of client funds. The site believes that secure storage of funds creates transparency and accountability and leads to sustainability in different areas of the business. With this realization, the Edubirdie system endorses a principle of paper first that guarantees that all payments made by clients are issued after they receive the products. Clients are assured of paying once they get their papers. Before the funds are issued to the writer, they are secured in the client's account. It is important to note that the Edubirdie system allows for the temporary storage of funds in the client's account before they are remitted to the writer. The client reserves rights and control of stored funds and pays after receiving a satisfactory copy of their requested orders. The third provision for funds is that all funds are refundable; which implies that clients reserve the autonomy to request for refunds should damage occur. The principle of refunds occurs because Edubirdie understands that despite the accurate articulation of project instructions, writers may fail to deliver products that meet client expectations. As a result, the site has made funds refundable to foster trust and integrity across the board. Finally, there are no hidden charges, all charges are inclusive of the instructions outlined in the order form. Therefore Edubirdie encourages clients to provide comprehensive and clear instructions to facilitate quality assignments.

Edubirdie Pros

            One outstanding advantage of Edubirdie is that it features a customer rating of 3.97 which means that most customers are generally satisfied with their academic writing help. The site also ranks 58th among all the essay and academic writing sites. The success of Edubirdie as a custom writing service is pinned on its credibility, strong service features, and the money-back guarantee. Most importantly, the site gives customers autonomy over their monies immediately they are deposited in the Edubirdie client account. Top reviews show that Edubirdie is fast and convenient. The Edubirdie writers are ranked among the best with the ability to understand and properly replicate the instructions in the assignment. This means that a rigorous hiring process by Edubirdie aligns with its principle of offering top-quality, satisfactory copies. Edubirdie diversity of services as well as dissecting their services into two provides a view of service segmentation much needed in the sector. The site has a service provider for writing from scratch and also encompasses editing and proofreading.

            A key advantage of Edubirdie is the ability to provide original and plagiarism-free papers. The site has embedded a plagiarism-checker software that automatically scans copies from experts and delivers them to clients. The Edubirdie system integrates a database of editors that provide instant editing help to students. Most importantly is the ability of these editors to work with a digital resource like proof-reading software to perfect the editing process. Cost is a crucial advantage at Edubirdie. Essentially, writers will bid at the available jobs set at varying prices and clients will then choose which writers to work with. In most cases, the prices will vary according to the deadline, complexity, and level of the essay. Seasonality also affects the prices, midterms, and final holidays often have higher prices due to a higher demand of orders from clients. Nevertheless, it is important to note that Edubirdie features a market average cost which means that customers must be comfortable when choosing this particular platform for service provision. Edubirdie, just like several academic services, has a quality assurance department that is tasked with verifying the quality and delivery of papers. As a result, the quality assurance process of essays at Edubirdie has deemed a crucial advantage for the service provider. 

            Edubirdie has tapped into market resources to bolster service provision. In this realization, the company has a series of helpful writing resources that include: heading generators, paragraph generators, thesis generator, grammar checker, plagiarism checker, proof-reading tools, and topic generators. Citation and title page generators are also a reserve of the Edubirdie system. Checking procedures in all these checkers take approximately 20 seconds and clients are guaranteed very fast services at the least time. Edubirdie is lauded for its fast and easy ordering process that is also very efficient in integrating the client's needs. The system provides an order form that enables clients to place a wide range of instructions, attach materials, and documents. Also, clients are allowed to share links to proposal material or provide classroom readings. As a result, having a simple, unique, and intuitive system of recording client instructions and displaying to writers is a crucial advantage of Edubirdie as a custom writing service. Finally, having a competent pool of writers who deliver according to client instructions is a crucial advantage for Edubirdie. Essentially, candidates pass a 30-minute English examination, deliver a sample essay, they provide diploma certifications, before finally passing a final academic writing and style essay. This rigorous process guarantees clients a quality product and delivery throughout.

Edubirdie Cons

            There are complaints that despite the money-back guarantee as a service feature, Edubirdie does not refund clients for canceled orders. The existing reviews show that a client once placed an order and later canceled it after the deadline was due. However, despite the cancellation, the expert in Edubirdie still went ahead to submitted the paper past the deadline and no refund was issued. As a result, the money-back guarantee is considered as a false marketing gesture. There are concerns that Edubirdie is highly overpriced and is not considered as an affordable writing service by many college students. Client reviews show that one client placed a six-page order for $280 and although overpriced, it was handled well and delivered within a timeframe of two days. However, the client later scored 60/100 which is a pretty low grade for the paid sum. The existing review continues to expose hidden loopholes in the system. Although the system has a devoted database of editors and an inbuilt proof-reading software that corrects syntax and grammatical errors, there are concerns of plagiarism. The existing client reviews show that clients have received copies that were plagiarism up to 54%. As a result, it is advisable to request a plagiarism report before the issuance of the payment to prevent inconveniences long after the order is placed as 'finished'.

Edubirdie Controversies

            In 2009, Edubirdie advertised itself rigorously through social media influencers and a series of YouTubers. This extensive advertisement sparkled an investigation by the British Broadcasting Corporation that led to the removal of hundreds of YouTube videos by essay writing platforms. The removal of Edubirdie videos and thousands of others more was done over an academic aid policy by YouTube where students issue payments to receive academic help which is considered as a violation of the university integrity policy. According to the investigation by the BBC, these videos by Edubirdie had generated 700 million views. What is surprising was that 250 other platforms were promoting cheating. It is crucial to note that Edubirdie is also a potential employer offering jobs to hundreds of college graduates, and also flagship ambassador positions to the existing pool of students. In 2019, Edubirdie was involved in another controversial issue where it sought to proofread President Trump’s tweets. In 2020, Edsurge a leading publication stated that Edubirdie was part of a large industry of contract cheating where platforms like Edubirdie link students to freelance writers for cheating purposes. Following mounting allegations of contract cheating, Edubirdie has not lagged to defend its position. On the official website page, Edubirdie states that it is legal as it offers students research assistance and writing samples to help them perfect their writing skills. Besides, Edubirdie does not tolerate or condone plagiarism. Its copies are purely used to guide students perfect their skills.

Advantages of Homework Help by Edubirdie

The services offered by Edubirdie are dedicated to developing actionable research skills for students across different educational domains. For instance, Edubirdie states that the college homework help it provides nurture practice skills in students. The homework help further provides analytical and reading skills that are of the utmost significance in the workplace and later stages of life. Homework help delivered by Edubirdie further helps foster discipline and understanding among students. It is important to establish that since homework and assignments are obligatory, they force students to be disciplined. The essay and academic help provided by Edubirdie helps students obey specific rules task after task. This way, it is possible for the student to keep up with the school discipline rules. The student can examine the final copy offered by the expert and identify precisely what was required of them. With time, students may learn to follow instructions and to capture instructions accurately inside their assignments and homework. The advantages of homework help go beyond discipline, study habits, and practice skills. The existing literature shows that homework help by Edubirdie help in time management. This means that writers are fully capable of managing their time within the span given by the client. Most importantly, the services are designed to help clients fit into their plans and engage in non-academic work. Edubirdie envisions creating a space for students to embark on social undertakings outside the classroom. This is achieved by the provision of customized academic help.

Edubirdie Omni-Channel Marketing

Edubirdie has taken a tentative marketing approach in recruiting social media evangelist. The position involves a person who will hold parties and events in schools and outside schools to sell Edubirdie services. A job posting by Edubirdie showed that it was searching for candidates who were championing in games like ping pong, corn hole, beer pong, and flip cup in college to sell the website in physical locations. The Omni-channel approach shows that Edubirdie is not only investing in digital channels to target customers, but also leading in physical advertising.

Edubirdie Additional Provisions and Assets

The Edubirdie platform is useful for generating input for research, research into a subject, and for further citations and reasoning. The site is also useful for generating different views about a subject, and paraphrasing following major international standards. The Edubirdie platform is most sought after for generating academic papers that conform to the existing conventions of citation, paraphrasing, and referencing. Most importantly is the fact that Edubirdie differentiates its marketing through the provision of brand assets which is considered a resource for the press. The blog asset means that the Edubirdie brand and platform are distinct from other service providers, and can be leveraged for marketing, advertising, and outreach purposes. Alongside its intuitive pool of technical resources, Edubirdie has a revamped approach to marketing as evidenced by an inbuilt blog. The Edubirdie blog offers students tips, life hacks, help, and many more. Most importantly, the blog helps connect students to scholarship and ambassador positions across the globe. For instance, as of October 2020, Edubirdie opened up scholarships for disabled students. The Edubirdie blog also doubles as an educational and awareness platform as it provides information on the best campuses, best scholarships, and opens students to outside opportunities.

Alongside scholarships, Edubirdie runs a genuine referral program where customers earn money for referring friends. According to the referral program, Edubirdie gives $25 to customers who refer to friends. Immediately after an order from a referred client is completed, the customer that referred their friend automatically get $25. What precisely customers have to do is to copy the referral link in their profile and share it across their social media platforms and networks. Immediately a person registers and orders from Edubirdie with that link, the client who referred is automatically credited $20 in their account. The referral program has helped Edubirdie renew their contacts with clients, and it continues to bolster its approach to reaching new customers. Customers receive their reward immediately Edubirdie confirms that the referred person placed an order. Clients can track their referral results immediately they visit the “Refer a Friend Page!” Finally, it must be acknowledged that website authentication is slowing moving up the ladder as a way of establishing website credibility. In conformity to this standard, Edubirdie is DMCA protected and verified. The platform services are highly secured as evidenced by an open protection status on its official site. The ability of the Edubirdie service to tap into the existing standardization in terms of protection and verification bolsters its position as a trusted custom writing platform.  

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